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May 19, 2007

Game 2 - Glen Head Zig Zags 17 - Hancock Nine - 16

Game 3 -1887 Rules:

The final game of the first day of this festive event was played under the worst contitions.  The heavens opened up and the mercury dropped to force the Glen Head and Hancock clubs to play their match through a steady and cold rain, but this turned out to be the most exciting game of the entire tourney.

The 2 clubs tallied back and forth over the first few innings before the Hancock Nine began to stand out in this murkey weather.  After a bit of controversey of the actual tally, both sides were satisfied that the score going into the bottom half of the final frame was 16-9 in favor of the Hancock club.  Then the excitement really began.  The Zig Zags slowly mounted a comeback with timely hits, bases on balls and some difficulties by the defenders catching the wet and grimy base balls.  After 2 hands were down, a final hit plated 2 Zig Zags to win the contest 17-16 and catapult the Glen Head club into the Championship Game vs. Roxbury.  What an exciting contest! Huzzah!

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