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September 2 & 3, 2006

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 16 - New York Gothams 4

Game 2 - Elizabeth Athletics 14 - New York Gothams 0

Game 3 - Brooklyn Atlantics 14 - New York Gothams 2

Roxbury, NY - Keator Cup - 9/2 & 9/3 2006

The Gothams journey to the quaint village of Roxbury, New York started on a grim and dour note. Some Pagan God called Ernesto was threatening to thwart the games of the entire weekend by casting a spell of fierce wind and rain, but the ballists from both near and far vowed to battle this Ernesto by playing on in spite of the powerful spell and play on they did. The Gothams, however, had an additional battle to fight. All of the Gothams equipment was stored in Trolley's carriage, but Trolley managed to lock the barn with the horses, the carriage, and most unfortunately the keys to the barn inside. Trolley had to set off on foot, accompanied by officer Mike and Constable Steve to the town of Pine Hill several miles away to find a locksmith to open the doors of the barn to allow the Gothams to play ball. Unfortunately for the Gothams, the acts performed on the field in this fine tournament by the Gothams were about as successful as Trolley's initial attempts to open the barn doors. On the Saturday, the Gothams were soundly defeated by both the Brooklyn Atlantics and the Elizabeth Athletic Club by tallies of 16-4, and 14-0. Sunday was no better, as the Brooklyn Atlantics again defeated the Gothams, but this time by a 14-2 tally. Though it was painful, the Gothams still played with honor in these 3 brutal defeats.

Game 1 Vs. Brooklyn Atlantics - 1864 Rules:

On this harsh and rainy day the bleakness for the Gothams came quickly as the Brooklyn Club tallied 4 times in the top of the first inning, even allowing the Brooklyn shortstop Dream to steal 2nd and 3rd base as well as home to give them a lead that would stand the rest of the contest. Scratch used his skill and instincts to tally a Gotham ace in the first by reaching his firsts safely, stealing 2nd and 3rd base and tallying on Spike's daisy cutter. That would be all for the Gothams for some time thereafter. The Atlantics masterfully placed the balls with their bats in places that Gothams simply did not exist and when they did manage to place the ball in front of Gothams on the left side of the infield, Wickets and Trolley did everything they could to make sure that Atlantic ballists reached base. If it took letting the ball pass through their legs, or throwing the ball to unknown places, both of these ball players ensured that it would happen! The Gotham revolving pitcher Brooklyn, stood by his fielder's in spite of there mishaps. Spike, however, refused to comment on the play of his teammates. Before anyone realized what happened, the Brooklyn team was winning by a 14-1 margin.

Wickets did not let his field work influence his striking ability. He reached first base safely, stole 2nd and 3rd bases and tallied the Gothams 2nd ace on a ground out by Stacks. There was not much more excitement in this contest until the bottom of the 7th inning, which was deemed the last inning of the game due to impending darkness from Ernesto's' spell of a darkening sky. Slider singled and stole 2 bases before tallying an ace on a bound out to left field by Scratch. Spike then singled himself to set up an historic moment in Gotham history. Spike stole 2nd base to become the first Gotham to reach 100 steals in club history. There was a delay in the game at this point, but it was not to honor his accomplishment, it was to ply the base from Spike's hands. Try as 23 ballists from both clubs would, it took nearly 15 minutes to get Spike to release the base, and that was only after a commemorative base was promised to be delivered at the end of the tournament. After settling down, Spike tallied the Gothams final ace on a daisy cutter by Wickets to bring the final score of this bleak game to 16-4.

Individual Stats:

Slider - 1-3, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Scratch - 1-3, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Spike - 1-3, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Trolley - 1-3, 1 SB

El Presidente - 0-3

Wickets - 2-3, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Stacks - 0-3

Brooklyn - 0-2

Wombat - 1-2

Pops - 0-1

Gaslight - 0-1

Game 2 Vs. Elizabeth Athletic Club - 1891 Rules:

Once the wrath of Ernesto's spell died down enough to allow the playing of a 2nd game on this bleak afternoon, the Gothams were set to play the New England Nine, but the weather prevented the Nine from reaching Roxbury in time. The Elizabeth Athletic Club were experiencing the same fate as the Hancock Nine were also unable to arrive in time for their match against the Elizabeth Club. These surviving ballists decided to do what they could to appease the crowd that came to see a ball game and decided to play a game amongst themselves by the rules of play for the Elizabeth Club. This meant that Scratch would stop his incessant whining and get to pitch in an overhand game.

Slider started off the game by extending his career leading total of bases on balls to 666 (650 more than the next closest Gotham). He then swiped 2nd base, but then greed took over as he was caught in an attempt of thievery at 3rd base for the 1st out. After Spike struck out, El Presidente worked out a bases on balls and Scratch provided the only well struck ball of the game for the Gothams by hitting a 2-bagger into left center field, but El Presidente was unable to tally and was stranded on 3rd when Wickets flew out to shortstop. Scratch held the Elizabeth Club to 2 aces in their half of the inning an spite of some porous defense displayed by the Gotham fielders. The Gothams failed to score in the 2nd inning, but Elizabeth did not. Scratch again pitched well, even striking out 3 Elizabeth Strikers. Unfortunately one of those strikers reached base when the Gotham behind Trolley did not hold on to the 3rd strike and through the ball to a poor location on the Gotham first base tender Brooklyn, which at this point was his hands as he dropped the throw. Brooklyn was not alone, the series of Gotham mishaps lengthened the Elizabeth lead to 10-0 after 2 innings.

Scratch had enough of the poor Gotham fielding and passed to ball to Trolley to pitch the 3rd inning. Much of the same happened with Trolley as the hurler as the Elizabeth Club tallied 4 more times to bring the final tally to 14-0 as the game was stopped after 3 innings due to darkness. The only interesting note was that Trolley now has the unique distinction of leading the team in both hit batsmen and having been hit by a pitch himself, both in this contest.

Individual Stats:

Slider - 0-0, 2 BB, 1 SB

Spike - 0-2

El Presidente - 0-1, 1 BB

Scratch - 1-1, 1 2B

Wickets - 0-1

Gaslight - 1-1

Stacks - 0-1

Trolley - 0-0, 1 HBP

Brooklyn - 1-1

Pops - 0-1

Wombat - 0-0, 1 BB, 1 SB 

9/3/2006 - Game 3 Vs. Brooklyn Atlantics - 1864 Rules:

The wrath of Ernesto was beaten down during the night by imbibing many fine ales, which allowed the sun to eventually peak through the gray clouds and allow a fine setting for a base ball game in the country setting of Roxbury. The Gothams again went into battle against the Brooklyn Atlantics, but this time with the support of 2 revolvers from the Mutual Club; Sully and Dirt. The game even started off on a high note for the Gothams. Scratch started the game off with a 2-base hit and tallied an ace when Dirt had a one-base hit to bring him home. This allowed the Gothams to take there first lead of this tournament. Unfortunately for the Gothams, that lead did not last long. The Brooklyn Club tallied 3 times in their half of the inning to again take a lead in the first frame that they would not relinquish.

This game did differ from the last 2 though as the Gotham fielders performed at a much higher standard. The Brooklyn Club was chicagoed in the 2nd and 3rd innings, in part due to excellent field work. Trolley snared 2 foul tips in the 1st and shortstop Dirt caught all 3 balls in the 2nd, but the best was yet to come. The Gotham 2nd base tender Stacks, nicely deflected the oncoming ball with his shin to dirt to easily throw out a Brooklyn striker at 1st base. The only problem here was that Stacks spent the rest of the game trying to duplicate this amazing feat, but on the rest of his attempts to lick the ball to another fielder were unsuccessful. As for the Gothams, they were chicagoed themselves for all but one more inning of the rest of the contest. In that lone inning it was Scratch again creating the lone ace, with a one-base hit followed by fine footwork in the thievery of 2 bases and a one-base hit by Sully.

The Gotham fielders continued to display a mostly fine effort the rest of the way. In the 5th inning, Scratch made a fine catch of a ball in left field and threw to 2nd base to Stacks who placed a tag on the Brooklyn runner Lip in a brutal collision. A rhubarb almost ensued ith Wombat at the forefront, but clearer heads prevailed and the contest continued without incident. In the 8th inning, Trolley finally won his game-long battle with the haystacks behind the plate and caught a foul fly. Other than those instances, the Brooklyn team truly struck the ball with authority to bring the final tally to 14-2 in their favor.

Until next time…Huzzah!!!

Individual Stats:

Scratch - 2-4, 1 2B, 2 Aces, 2 SB

Sully - 2-4, 1 SB

Spike - 0-4, 1 SB

Dirt - 1-4, 1 SB

Trolley - 0-4

Slider - 0-4

Wombat - 1-4

Stacks - 0-4

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