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October 23, 2010

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 17 - Gothams 3

Game 2 - Bellmore Seminoles 25 - Gothams 1

Gotham Base Ball Club of New York vs Brooklyn Atlantics & Bellmore Seminoles

October 23, 2010

Old Bethpage, New York

First game Gotham Base Ball Club vs Atlantics of Brooklyn Base Ball Club

Wickets, ss 0-4, 4-o

Flytrap, cf 2-4, 2-sb, 2-o, 1-a

Coach, p 2-4, 1-2b, 2-sb, 2-o

Steve (Mutual), 1b 1-4, 1-sb, 3-o, 1-a

Dave, lf 0-4, 4-o

Flashtop, rf 1-4, 1-2b, 3-o, 1-a

Bugs, c 3-4, 1-sb, 2-o

Hanky, 2b 0-4, 4-o

Stacks, 3b 1-3, 2-sb, 3-o

Gotham Base Ball Club 3 - Atlantics of Brooklyn Base Ball Club 17

Second game Gotham Base Ball Club vs Bellmore Seminoles (and most of the Atlantics)

Flytrap, ss 2-3, 2-sb, 1-o

Coach, p 1-3, 1-2b, 3-o

Bugs, 1b 0-3, 3-o

Wickets, c 0-3, 3-o

Dave, lf 1-3, 1-sb, 2-o

Tuna, rf 0-3, 3-o

Flashtop, cf 1-3, 1-sb, 2-o, 1-a

Hanky, 2b 1-3, 1-sb, 2-o

Stacks, 3b 0-2, 2-o

Gotham Base Ball Club 1 - Bellmore Seminoles 25

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